I'm super proud to be a Bruin, and even more proud to think that UCLA is proud of me. That's a lot of pride going on!

UCLA's campus newspaper, the Daily Bruin, wrote a feature on me as a part of their series of UCLA Alumni performing in Frozen - Live at the Hyperion. It's always a blast getting to share the stage with some of my best friends, and it was just as fun sharing the news page with them.

In the article, I talk a little bit more about the puppet and my experience "building a snowman" for the big stage over at the Disneyland Resort. Casting Director Michael Donovan also chimes in to talk about my journey getting the part. In addition, we get to chat with our awesome, Tony-winning costume designer - Clint Ramos - about his designs for Olaf!

Thanks, Daily Bruin, for the fun write-up!